Breaking news…!!! Wn Hds have had to cancel their much awaited Manawatu gigs – Fielding 14 Oct and Palmy 15 Oct. There is no truth to the vicious rumours circulating on social media that there are ‘musical differences’ within the group. The absolute truth is that a series of illnesses have laid low a number of the band members and although management tried vainly to to keep Wn Hds on the road the final straw that finally broke the final camel’s back was the lead guitarist, Bill Wood, being admitted into Wellington Hospital with a suspected drug overdose – sorry, I mean a suspected ruptured appendix. Mr Wood was operated on earlier this week and the surgeon told a media contingent and fans of Mr Wood, who have been camped in the hospital foyer for a number of days now, that he would be unable to play the Fielding and Palmy Nth gigs. To cap this off other band members are also in-disposed at this time: Geoff Keith, the bands bass player, is recovering from a liver complaint – early rumours that this was caused by prolonged use of class A drugs has been angrily denied by Mr Keith…… Nick van Dijk, trombone and trumpet player is currently out of action with a Heart Condition (co-incidentally,this is the name of one of the songs on the ‘Heads’ great new album – ‘Southern Night Sky’…). Band members and everyone at Nick’s fan club wish him a speedy recovery! The bands management had contracted other players – Miklin Halstead (bass) and Damion Forlong (trombone) – in order to play the gigs but when Mr Wood was confirmed as not being able to play it was decided to ‘pull the plug’ and cancel the Manawatu performances. Wellington Heads apologises to all their fans who were so looking forward to the gigs and promises to re-book the venues for early 2017.

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