I swear this is speeding up…

The year, that is. Not only, but also. AND lo & behold it’s Christmas just around the corner, much like it was last year. And the one before that. Then how come it comes as a surprise to so many of us? The last few shopping days will be full of shoppers, scurrying about trying to get that ONE GOOD THANG to make it all worthwhile. Meanwhile, YOU could be relaxing somewhere, secure in the knowledge that, yes, this time, you’ve done the correct and very prescient thing: bought the Wellington Heads’ albums on-line (just email Neil, the address is under “Contact”. We haven’t quite sorted “on-line” yet…) which of course will make this the Best. Christmas. Ever. I can’t think of a better present to give someone, and I know you can’t either.

Well we all made it back to town again after our very lovely foray up to Levin to play at Te Takere last Sunday. What a cool place, and great staff – many thanks for your help & organisational skills. Plus a great turn-out of plucky Levin-type folks who seem to patronise this community centre with enthusiasm – and why not? It’s a great facility and a tremendous asset to the whole community. Thanks all for a great gig (not to mention the album sales)!


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