Things Looking Up!!

After an eventful 3 or 4 months last year when illness hit the band, Wellington Heads are ‘back in the saddle’ and we’ve begun rehearsing for our CUBA DUPA gig – 1pm Sunday 26 March. We’re performing at the Capital Blues Stage, Bristol Hotel, Cuba Mall and looking forward to playing to an enthusiastic crowd! We’ll be playing numbers from our latest album, ‘Southern Night Sky’ plus others from our pretty extensive back catalogue. Looking forward to a great gig!

Later on this year Wellington Heads will be playing the Wellington Jazz Festival – Sunday 11 June – Kelburn Village Pub

Breaking news…!!! Wn Hds have had to cancel their much awaited Manawatu gigs – Fielding 14 Oct and Palmy 15 Oct. There is no truth to the vicious rumours circulating on social media that there are ‘musical differences’ within the group. The absolute truth is that a series of illnesses have laid low a number of the band members and although management tried vainly to to keep Wn Hds on the road the final straw that finally broke the final camel’s back was the lead guitarist, Bill Wood, being admitted into Wellington Hospital with a suspected drug overdose – sorry, I mean a suspected ruptured appendix. Mr Wood was operated on earlier this week and the surgeon told a media contingent and fans of Mr Wood, who have been camped in the hospital foyer for a number of days now, that he would be unable to play the Fielding and Palmy Nth gigs. To cap this off other band members are also in-disposed at this time: Geoff Keith, the bands bass player, is recovering from a liver complaint – early rumours that this was caused by prolonged use of class A drugs has been angrily denied by Mr Keith…… Nick van Dijk, trombone and trumpet player is currently out of action with a Heart Condition (co-incidentally,this is the name of one of the songs on the ‘Heads’ great new album – ‘Southern Night Sky’…). Band members and everyone at Nick’s fan club wish him a speedy recovery! The bands management had contracted other players – Miklin Halstead (bass) and Damion Forlong (trombone) – in order to play the gigs but when Mr Wood was confirmed as not being able to play it was decided to ‘pull the plug’ and cancel the Manawatu performances. Wellington Heads apologises to all their fans who were so looking forward to the gigs and promises to re-book the venues for early 2017.

Brilliant CD launch!

Wellington Heads had a great night, 17 March performing at The Bristol to celebrate the release of their new long player Southern Night Sky. We had an 11 piece band with two drummers (Greg Crayford and Andrew Richardson), four piece brass section (James Tait-Jamieson – baritone Sax, Blair Latham – tenor, Nick van Dijk – trumpet and Damian Forlong – trombone), two backing singers (Lynley Goodison, Jade Eru-Stirling) plus Bill Wood (guitars, backing vocals), Geoff Keith (bass, backing vocals) and Neil Worboys (lead vocals, guitars, banjo, harmonicas).

The band was hot (we had lots of rehearsals!!) and we played the album from top to bottom!! Plus a few favourites in the last set. We has a big crowd turn up so all in all, a very successful night. NB: email Neil at   to get a copy of the album.

2016 gigs – January thru to May

Sunday 31 January: Te Takere Arts Centre, Levin -2pm

Saturday 6 February: Private function – wedding

Sunday 21 February: Wellington Jazz Club, Meow Bar – from 4pm

Saturday 5 March: Private function – wedding

Thursday 17 March: CD launch of our new album, ‘Southern Night Sky’. From 8pm

Saturday 19 March: The Lido Cafe, 8.30 – 10.30pm

Sunday 20 March: CUBA DUPA Festival performance – Bristol Hotel stage – 3pm

Friday 1 April: Thunderbird Cafe, Featherston St. 5.30 – 7.30pm

Wednesday 6 April: Jazz Night at The Realm, Moxham Ave Hataitai – 7.30 – 10pm

Friday 13 May: Celtic Inn, Palmerston North

Saturday 14 May: Riverside Bar, Whanganui

Sunday 15 May: Taranaki Jazz club, The Mayfair, New Plymouth, 3 – 6pm

March, April, May 2016 gigs

Wellington Heads CD launch Party: Thursday 17 March, Bristol Hotel, Cuba Mall. From 8pm – see below for details

Saturday 19 March we’re playing as a 4 piece at the Lido Cafe, cnr Victoria / Wakefield Streets, 8.30 – 10.30pm. Looking forward to this gig as it’s another 1st for the band – come along and support us!!

Sunday 20 March Wellington Heads play a 45 minute set as part of the  CUBA DUPA Festival: Wellington Blues Club – Bristol Hotel stage, Cuba Mall at 3pm

Friday 1 April we are playing at the fabulous Thunderbird Cafe, Featherston St. 5.50 to 7.30. A great way to enjoy a drink or a meal while listening to the dulcet tones of the Wellington Heads……

Wednesday 6 April the band performs at ‘Jazz Night at the Realm’, Moxham Ave, Hataitai. Music starts around 7.30pm. Excellent ‘2 for 1’ meal deals, great music and great atmosphere.

May 2016 sees the band heading up-country to play Palmerston North, Whanganui and New Plymouth

Friday 13 May – Celtic Inn, Regent Arcade, Palmerston North

Saturday 14 May – Riverside Bar, Whanganui

Sunday 15 May – Taranaki Jazz Club, The Mayfair ,New Plymouth – 3 – 6pm

January / February

We played a nice little gig at Te Takere – Levin’s Arts Centre on Sunday 31 January. Big ups to the Levin Council for funding and supporting these monthly live performances that a free to the community. We look forward to performing at Te Takere again sometime soon.

We played a wonderful wedding 6 February – great venue (Nga Manu) and excellent to be asked cos the bride and groom love our music!!! With such great taste I’m sure the marriage will be a huge success. 🙂

Sunday 21 February saw Wellington Heads playing the Wellington Jazz Club at Meow Bar – a first for us – what a great night! The band was cooking; Nick van Dijk and James Taite Jamieson (our trusty brass section) were in fine form and Bill was playing some wicked guitar. Greg Crayford (our regular drummer – yay!!) kept the groove with the help of Geoff on his resonator bass. Neil was singin’ up a storm and regaling the packed house with stories and antidotes.

We’ve got another wedding Saturday 5 March (yes -we’re a marvelous wedding band – spread the word!!_

The bid news for Wellington Heads this year is that we’ve completed our new album, ‘Southern Night Sky’. This is our 5th album (what?!) and we reckon it’s our best to date. It’s packed full with 13 new songs written, arranged and produced by the band.


  • from 8pm
  • no cover charge!
  • 11 piece band!
  • special cd price on the night!!

Love to see you there.

March 2016 Update

We’ve had some brilliant gigs so far this year and we’ve got some great ones coming up over the next few months

Update October 2015!!!

Southern Night Sky:

Our new album is nearing completion. It’s been a long and lonely process (nearly 3 years!), however if we just took the various sessions we’ve done it would be only a week or two…. We’ve been alternating between The Surgery – for ‘whole band’ recording n brass and using Bill’s neat little home studio to record a few overdubs – guitar, harp, vocals etc. Anyway – we are very pleased with the final mixes and looking to release the album early 2016.

I swear this is speeding up…

The year, that is. Not only, but also. AND lo & behold it’s Christmas just around the corner, much like it was last year. And the one before that. Then how come it comes as a surprise to so many of us? The last few shopping days will be full of shoppers, scurrying about trying to get that ONE GOOD THANG to make it all worthwhile. Meanwhile, YOU could be relaxing somewhere, secure in the knowledge that, yes, this time, you’ve done the correct and very prescient thing: bought the Wellington Heads’ albums on-line (just email Neil, the address is under “Contact”. We haven’t quite sorted “on-line” yet…) which of course will make this the Best. Christmas. Ever. I can’t think of a better present to give someone, and I know you can’t either.

Well we all made it back to town again after our very lovely foray up to Levin to play at Te Takere last Sunday. What a cool place, and great staff – many thanks for your help & organisational skills. Plus a great turn-out of plucky Levin-type folks who seem to patronise this community centre with enthusiasm – and why not? It’s a great facility and a tremendous asset to the whole community. Thanks all for a great gig (not to mention the album sales)!


Well Under Way

Finally we are getting our act together & adding some actual gigs to the list! It’s been a bit of an interrupted year so far one way & the other but hey – it’s All Part Of Growing Up and Being Bwitish eh what?

In actual fact the interruptions continue. One of us (not mentioning any names) is heading off to NYC for a few weeks over April but not to worry! We have a gig on the day he gets back! What fun!

Nice to see young Andrew is now out of medical care and is back behind the drumstool. Just keep taking the meds, Andrew and stay away from either sharp or blunt instruments. (That is, don’t play jazz hahaha!!)