Wonderful Wellington Heads Winter Warmer

And no, it’s not Neil’s Secret Recipe for one of his great dark winter brews…sorry about that. Although you could always ask him – worth a crack Nigel.

Nope. What we are talking about here is the Real. Deal. A great gig lined up at Meow in Edward St, on August 31st. It will have a cast of thousands, as we ramble through our (by now fairly extensive) back catalogue, playing our personal favourite songs. Which means that some that haven’t seen the light of day (light of club?) for a while will get a fresh airing. Bound to have been some changes though, so it might be “good ol’ songs, Jim, but not as we know them”.

And if that isn’t enough we have a whole SWAG of new songs to play that you probably haven’t ever heard before! Performance of these will include the spectacle of Neil playing an ironing board in addition to the other approximately 20 different instruments he will be playing. He’s a busy boy. Luckily he finds time to sing as well. Otherwise it’s “move over Cliff, here come the Shadows”. If ya know what I mean.

See you at Meow. Fo’ sho’!

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